Flounder findings rooted in agenda drive “science”

On June 21, a letter I drafted about the Transboundary Resource Assessment Committee’s (“TRAC”) scientific process was published in the Gloucester Times. This letter is a follow-up to the TRAC meeting held on June 23-26 and the resulting George’s Bank Yellowtail Flounder Catch Advice. The TRAC is an international agreement between the United States and […] Read more »

Feds Cannot Ignore Other Fisheries Data

On the morning of June 5th, the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) hosted a Pre-TRAC meeting at the New Bedford Public Library. The TRAC is an international agreement between the United States and Canada under which yearly catch limits for George’s Bank yellowtail, cod, and haddock are determined and allocated appropriately to each Nation. Attendees […] Read more »

New Bedford Must Be Unified to Solve its Educational Issues

The educational attainment of our citizens impacts every issue in our City.  All quality of life issues are tied to educational attainment. Future neighborhood stability, crime rates, economic development and the very health of our citizens are all dependent upon each of our children having the opportunity to receive an excellent education.  Everyone in New […] Read more »

Attorney Scott W. Lang of New Bedford to speak at New Bedford Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee meeting on January 11

Attorney Scott W. Lang, the former Mayor of the City of New Bedford, will be speaking at the New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce’s Government Affairs Committee meeting on Friday, January 11. Lang’s discussion will focus on the South Coast Rail project and other Massachusetts infrastructure projects. The Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee meeting will take […] Read more »

Strong local media is the key to informed citizens

Engaged citizens require reliable, quality local media institutions. Our area has been fortunate to have a locally oriented newspaper, The Standard-Times. Say what you will about its news coverage, or its Opinion Page, from accolades to criticism, our local newspaper is the life blood of the region’s participatory democracy, and helps establish our region’s agenda. […] Read more »