Governor’s Regulatory Reform Will Create a Strong Economic Future

Appropriate, and carefully drafted government regulations create necessary parameters in all facets of our complex society.  Unfortunately, in many instances, regulations which are archaic, or not well-grounded, stunt economic development opportunities, resulting in job loss, and thwart new growth potential for our communities.  Fortunately though, business owners voice their specific concerns about onerous regulations, and […] Read more »

New Bedford’s Casino Prospects

New Bedford has long been considered as a potential host site for a destination casino in southeastern Massachusetts. With the passage and signing of the casino bill into law in November, the possibility has become increasingly real. In New Bedford, we have two developers who have secured options on parcels on which a casino could […] Read more »

Time to Build the Commuter Rail

For over thirty years, New Bedford has waited for the train- a commuter rail line that will link the city, along with Fall River, to Boston. Right now, we have a Governor who is a true friend of New Bedford. In fact, Governor Deval Patrick committed in 2007 that commuter rail service would run from […] Read more »

Using Public/Private Partnerships to Reduce our Carbon Footprint

By Scott W. Lang Mayor of New Bedford, Mass. Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly popular way for political leaders and local governments to find innovative solutions to deal with the impacts of global warming, rising energy costs and dwindling resources. But localities cannot do this on their own. Teaming up with partners in the […] Read more »

Out of reach ~ 3,000 denied diplomas because of MCAS

June 8, 2010 (Published in The Boston Globe) PUBLIC HIGH school students across the state continue to suffer the collateral damage from MCAS. Almost 3,000 seniors will not graduate this month because they did not pass the science section of the test, a new hurdle imposed this year that students must pass, in addition to […] Read more »

Ed reform must move beyond MCAS

This article first appeared in CommonWealth Magazine As Mayor of New Bedford, I rely upon the entire community to work together to move our city forward. So it alarms me to watch New Bedford’s best resources, our promising young people, deprived of an opportunity to fully participate in our society. The young people to whom […] Read more »