MIKE MORAN: Scott Lang’s proposal may hold the key to South Coast Rail

Whenever a major government-funded project is envisioned for our region, skepticism surfaces almost immediately. I don’t mean the healthy kind that always plays an important part of the debate. I mean that knee-jerk, negative, cynical attitude that weighs too many of us down like excess baggage.

“They’ll never build it,” is often the instant response. “It” refers to any of a number of grand ideas that start out on someone’s drawing board and will, hopefully, eventually become reality.

I was told repeatedly, over the years, that the “new Brightman Street Bridge,” as it was often called, was one such project. I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say, “It’s never going to be built.” Those who were slightly less pessimistic were often heard to say, “I’ll never drive over it” or “not in my lifetime.” I guess these folks figured the bridge would be constructed eventually, but long after they were gone from this earth. The embarrassingly sloth-like pace of construction gave these critics plenty of ammunition.

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