Unprecedented constitutional crisis? Hardly … The U.S. has been here and done this before

Regardless of the latest events and revelations, the investigation by former FBI Director Robert Mueller, as well as the various House and Senate probes will take time. Let the process work without interference or unrealistic partisan expectations. Nevertheless, these legal proceedings will have to navigate through the political obstructions and smokescreens that are daily occurrences […] Read more »

The Democratic Party’s path forward

  It has been over a month since the 2016 presidential election. For Democrats, the collective empty feeling and sleepless nights are still present. Why did the Democrats lose? Simply, it is because the Party nominated an unelectable candidate, who ran a terrible campaign, who lost to another unelectable candidate, who also ran a terrible […] Read more »

Veterans Day Speech

Welcome all Veterans and family members, good evening Veteran of the Year, Priscilla Fonseca. It is a great privilege for me to speak at the “Veteran of the Year” dinner. I want to thank you for your sacrifices made in service to our Country. Our liberty and freedom has been protected and secured by your […] Read more »